2017.10.10 07:45

Hrodna: Riot police detain Moscow historian, participants during lecture

2017.08.28 10:04

Well-known Russian anti-fascist detained in Belarus

2017.08.19 16:01

Posters appear in Minsk in solidarity with detained anarchists

2017.05.26 15:12

‘Stop being tame shadows!’ Anarchists line up against wall in Minsk

2017.05.22 14:39

Minsk: Photo stand-in as tribute to Belarus police abuse

2016.06.10 09:33 Video

For ‘justifying tyranny’: Belarusian anarchists throw paint at Lukashenka-run TV (video)

2016.06.08 05:15 Video

Rally of solidarity with Critical Mass cycling event arrestee near Minsk prison

2016.04.04 20:27 Video

Brest anarchists hold rally against ‘tax levies’

2016.03.31 10:09

Belarus embassy to Ukraine pelted with paint. Provocation against volunteer fighters?

2015.12.08 11:28 interview

Former political prisoners on life after prison

2015.10.12 09:25

Five persons arrested for post-election protesting in Minsk