Ales Dzyanisau

2019.01.14 14:59

Journalist Ales Kirkevich to face trial for story shown on Belsat

2018.11.02 14:43

Hrodna: Belsat TV contributor fined for reposting videos of protests

2018.10.29 15:42 Video

‘Extremist reposting’ case in Hrodna: Trial pushed off

2018.10.15 15:16

‘Extremism’. Protocol drawn upon Hrodna musician for reposting in social network

2018.10.02 11:35 Video

Musician and Belsat TV contributor: Criminal case opened for reposting on social media?

2018.07.24 10:42

Police seize equipment from journalists working with Belsat

2017.09.22 08:24 Video

Belarusian courts battling poets and singers