2019.03.28 11:47

Zmitser Paliyenka goes on hunger strike

2019.03.20 12:49 Updated

Criminal case looming? Reputed blogger arrested over alleged bomb threat

2019.03.06 13:21

Moscow: Activists detained for anti-Stalin protest

2018.12.13 08:48

Politician Pavel Sevyarynets detained in Kurapaty

2018.11.13 10:40

Ukraine arrests suspect of organising murder of activist Kateryna Handziuk

2018.06.04 07:54 Video

Hundreds of people rally on 30th anniversary of Kurapaty discovery

2018.02.26 11:28

Noodle picket. Minsk activists slam Information Ministry for spinning yarns

2018.01.29 09:22 Video

Homiel activists protest against police abuse

2017.09.26 11:48

Minsk: Searches of activists’, journos’ and environmentalists’ places

2017.09.25 12:25

Activist Leanid Kulakou to spend 10 days in jail

2017.08.23 10:28

Homiel activist to stand trial for protesting against death penalty in Belarus

2017.08.01 17:23

Activist fined for picketing against Belarus’ hosting military exercise Zapad-2017

2016.10.21 13:41

Hrodna activists fined for 5-minute picket in memory of disappeared Belarusian politicians