2018.04.30 11:11

Russian court extends arrest of Ukrainian citizen abducted in Belarus

2018.02.01 15:04 Video

Father of Ukrainian citizen kidnapped in Belarus: ‘His life is in danger’

2017.10.19 14:36 Video

Ukraine citizen abducted by FSB in Belarus accused of planning blast in Sochi school

2017.10.13 08:38

Pavlo Gryb abducted by FSB in Belarus has no access to doctors

2017.10.10 13:02 Video

EU diplomats: Ukraine citizen was illegally abducted in Belarus, delivered to Russia

2017.09.12 14:46

‘Bag on head and driven away’: Russian activist about his abduction in Belarus

2017.09.07 15:54

Ukrainian citizen who went missing in Belarus held in custody in Russia – MFA