2016.08.23 15:37

Minsk police officer shoots himself on the job

2016.08.23 13:49 Video

Young skywalkers climb 12-storey hotel in Minsk

2016.08.19 15:21 Video

Dissidents fired: Short-term contract system is trap in Belarus

2016.08.19 10:58

Pope Francis wants to visit Belarus

2016.08.18 11:01 Video

‘It is you who are weak, not Belarus opposition’ – emotional speech by MP candidate

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How Belarus met Olympic champion in swimming

2016.08.17 15:32

Pavel Stefanovich will not be shown on TV

2016.08.17 08:46

Starting today Belarus airline serves regular flights to Lviv

2016.08.11 13:53

Cyclist with baseball bat to face trial

2016.08.10 20:26 Video

How Belarusian elections are rigged