Sparkly Georgian indulges in Belarusian folk dance

Givi Kbilashvili has been living in Minsk for nearly three years. He is a dancer and choreographer of the Georgian ballet Lelo. To expand his repertoire, Givi goes to the Pyatrovitsa Traditional Culture Festival in Luban district. Our Georgian guest is a real pro, but will he be able to take over the Belarusian style of dancing?

Givi Kbilashvili

Making moves is not the most difficult thing in dancing; what is more important is the inner feeling and the style of performance, Syarhei Vyskvarka, a popularizer of the Belarusian folk dance culture, believes.

Syarhei Vyskvarka and Givi Kbilashvili

“Folk dance comes from the people. They lived singing and dancing,” he stressed.

According to him, reserve and simplicity are the main features of the Belarusians’ folk dance. But they present a real challenge to Givi.

It is very difficult to be so free and so simple,” says the Georgian dancer after the first lesson.

Givi also gives a Georgian dance master class to the festival attenders.

Georgian dance master class
New experience for Belarusians

Did Belarusians manage to dance lezginka? Who did Givi meet and treat to Georgian ethnic foods? Watch Episode 9 of the Welcome To Belarus show and get the news at first hand!

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