Spaniard, Cypriot and Frenchman look for beauties on Islach River

Laurent Ducas is a French writer, Akis Nicolaou is a Cypriot working as a security guard, a Jiu-Jitsu trainer, Javier Fernandez Galdeano is a Spanish businessman, owner of a company growing and selling vegetables, fruits and berries.

They have flown to Belarus and settled in one of the Minsk hostels where we found them. Thanks to the new law, Laurent, Akis and Javier can stay in Belarus for more than 5 days and go on a trip together with the crew of the program “Welcome to Belarus”. Most of all foreigners like beautiful Belarusian girls. Especially Akis, he even dreams of finding a wife here.

The Belarusian man Taras decided to show them Belarus and took them out of the club streets of Minsk. Taras knows everything about life in the forest and canoe trips. When he saw the strangers, he became worried: the foreigners were not ready for the weekend in Spartan conditions. But they surprised Taras, because they immediately started helping him and took the tourist bath with pleasure.

In the wild, foreigners were surprised by the mushrooms and quietness of the Belarusian forest. The rafting in kayaks was not very easy for our characters, and they did not fild our Belarusian nature very interesting. There was a big plus: during the rafting along Islach River, even in the water, foreigners were lucky to meet Belarusian beauties! But still, out of five hours of kayaking, foreigners only managed to finish one. To find out what went wrong and why they did not want to finish the entire route, watch the new release of the summer season of “Welcome to Belarus”.

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