Revolution. Deadline, report

Revolution. Deadline is a 25-minute report focusing on the stories of journalists who were contributing to the promotion of truth while Viktor Yanukovych, the then president of Ukraine, and his associates were trying to intimidate them and were doing their best to withhold the facts of bloody terror in the streets of Ukraine from international community. The story shows an unexampled heroism of journalists who had to turn into military reporters to cover the developments in the country which was sometimes called ‘a European Syria’.The profession have become one of the most dangerous ones for the last months: reporters were threatened, severely beaten, shot and wounded. A Belsat TV crew (journalist Yuras Wysocki and cameraman Siarhei Marchyk) were battered while filming a violent dispersal of Ukrainian activists in Cherkasy (central Ukraine), their equipment and footage seized.Prominent Ukrainian journalists Tetiana Chornovol, Mustafa Nayyem, Halina Sadomtseva along with their Polish colleagues Pawel Bobołowicz and Bartosz Maślankiewicz appear in the film.Authors: Yuras Wysocki, Siarhei Marchyk, Siarhei

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