Nigerian model promotes Belarusian vyshyvanka

Nigerian Ifunanya Dimaku is a student of Hrodna Medical University. But she is eager to know more about the fashion industry of Belarus: the ambitious girl seeks to become a Belarusian model!

Here, in Belarus, Ifu cut her teeth in the fashion industry. She took part in a show at Hrodna Fashion Week and won the Audience Award at the university’s beauty pageant.

The Welcome To Belarus crew decides to help the girl create a modeling portfolio.

Hrodna-based fashionist Alina Orau assists Ifunanya in buying clothes for her first photo shooting; Alyaksandra Bekman and Alyaksandra Palchykava, stylists of MakeUpLab, meet a challenge of creating a new look. Finally, photographer Yauhen Buzuk takes professional photos of the would-be model.

“Some of them are very impressing, I look bold and brave. I wonder: ‘Is that really me?'” says Ifunanya.

Following Yauhen’s advice, Ifu resolves to win over the Belarusian capital. There she meets model Dzyanis Burko, actress Anastasiya Vasilyeva, the owner of the My Muse Vintage shop, and Pavel Dounar, the founder of the clothing brand Honar.

Ifunanya Dimaku (L) for the clothing brand HONAR, phot. Kseniya Hardzeichyk

What surprises does Minsk hold for Ifunanya? Watch Episode 12 of the Welcome To Belarus show!

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