Malaysian ‘zero-waste’ tourists visit dump near Minsk

Tourists are not usually shown places like that. We are at the city dump Trastyanets near Minsk.

Where did the idea to visit this exotic place come form? We have guests from Malaysia: Arthur and Po. They are fans of the eco-friendly lifestyle, trying not to make waste and cleaning the planet. They love to travel and learn new things.

They liked Minsk for its cleanliness. To see the reverse side of the coin, our guests asked us to take them to the dump near the capital.

Incidentally, Po always has a rubber cup for drinks and her own water bottle: this way she avoids using disposable utensils and plastic bottles. It is easy to guess that our new friends do not like shopping and they very rarely buy something new.

But there is one thing in Belarus that Po is eager to buy. What is it? You will know from the program. You will also find out which Belarusian dishes Malaysians liked the most and why they went to Baranavichy looking for scrap metal.

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