Italian visits Belarus to explore mountains and much more

Italian Paolo Maggiora has been enjoying climbing for many years. It is his third time in Belarus, but this time he set himself a clear goal.

“The secret motive of this trip is that I want to explore the Belarusian mountains, since I live in the mountains, and I really like them,” says Paolo.

It is clear that Paolo aims for the highest places in Belarus — the Dyarzhynskaya and Bald Mountains The study of these places was not a big challenge for the climber, but he was definitely surprised. The height of the Dzyarzhynskaya Mountain is 345 meters above sea level.

In Italy, Paolo lives near the Alps. There he climbed almost all the peaks of these magnificent mountains. But even in the Belarusian countryside, the Italian feels good.

Paolo at the Dzyarzhynskaya mountain

When Paolo understands that Belarus is not very rich in mountains, he decides to explore at least stones. There is a special Museum of Stones or a petrographic collection, numbering as many as 2,135 stones.

It is interesting that if you look at the collection from above, it almost exactly follows the contours of Belarus.

In addition to his passion for mountains and stones, Paolo has another hobby — he and his wife are learning foreign languages. In total, Agatha and Paolo speak 9 languages, they even met for the first time in the Polish language courses. The newlyweds call their family “linguistic” and have created a special video channel on the Internet, where they help people master the Russian language.

What else surprised the Italians in Belarus? What is not found in Italy, but is available in Barysau? You will get answers to these questions in the issue of “Welcome to Belarus”.

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