Italian banker fascinated by Belarusian provincial life

Italian banker Roberto had always dreamed of feeling the atmosphere of Belarusian life in the province, as well as being at a village disco. To do this, the “Welcome to Belarus” team took him to the village of Zavershye, near Drahichyn, in Palessye. They stopped in the local hotel.

Italian Roberto in Drahichyn

Roberto was impressed with the town center, comparing it to a Swiss town. The village left the Italian guest delighted:

“I am happy. I like the atmosphere here. I thought that people in the village drink a lot because they have a boring life, but actually it is the opposite. I think people feel better here than they do in Minsk”.

Finally, Roberto got acquainted with a successful video blogger Mikalai, who runs a disco in a village club and writes songs for his YouTube channel. These songs are performed by local girls and get millions of views! And Mikalai’s video blog “Lyadavichy Fazenda” was viewd by more than fifty million people in total.

Rpberto with YouTube sensation, singer Volha Hvazdouskaya

Roberto was mesmerized by the Belarusian girls’ beauty at the disco:

“Girls here look more natural and simple than in Minsk. They definitely do not inject hyaluronic acid in their lips”.

Palesse girls

Roberto came to Belarus for the first time twenty years ago. Since then, he remembered one thing that struck him and which he wanted to see again. For this reason, he even had to go to Maryina Horka, which is more than 300 kilometers away. What is this? Watch “Welcome to Belarus” to find out (video above).


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