German tourist discovers Belarusian cuisine

Going on a gourmet trip to Belarus, vegetarian Anna Steinmann does not hesitate to try country-style sausage; if one wants to grasp the culture of a country, they need to have a bite of its cuisine, the German citizen believes. Watch another episode of Welcome To Belarus to know whether Belarusian chefs and cooks managed to surprise the foreign guest.

Аnna Steinmann (L) and Valeryia Prakofyeva (R)

Her culinary journey started in Minsk, where Anna looked for street food sanctuaries together with vegetarian food expert Valeryia Prakofyeva.

Аnna Steinmann (L) and Natallya Prakapuk (R). phot. Viktar Lyalyuk

But to catch the real taste of the country, the WTB crew took her to the farm stay not far from Bellavezha Forest. Its landlady Natallya and Anna cooked sorrel and shank, country-style sausage, draniks and fluffy pancakes.

Phot. Viktar Lyalyuk

Anna even dared to milk a cow for the first time in her life!

Phot. Viktar Lyalyuk.

Making cheese and quark is a kid’s stuff for good housekeepers. However, being eager to make a traditional karavai (festival cake), Natallya had to look for elderly Belarusian women who remembered old recipes and ask them to share their culinary secrets. It took her a great deal of attempts to bake an authentic Belarusian karavai.

Phot. Viktar Lyalyuk.

The exploring of Belarus’ taste continued in Nalibaki Forest, where the WTB crew took part in picking edible wild plants. Under the upervision of biologist Volha Dzyuban, Anna made goutweed patties and fried burdock roots.

Fried burdock roots

Which Belarusian dish will Anna think of on returning to Germany? Turn the video on and find out!

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