Welcome To Belarus Chinese celebrate special Kupala Night in Belarus

We invite you to travel around Belarus together with Chinese students Mino Zhang Minglan and Хiaowei.

They came to Belarus from the Chinese province of Hunan – the motherland of Mao Zedong – to learn Russian. Our characters want to work as translators in Chinese-Belarusian projects. Incidentally, in June, Belarus and China agreed on a free visa regime.

For several months spent in our country, Xiao and Mino never got out of Minsk. Thanks to participation in our program “Welcome to Belarus” they have a good reason to travel. We went out to celebrate Kupala Night 150 km from Minsk. Organizers have been celebrating the holiday in this area for 18 years. Every year they come here to recharge their batteries from water, trees and earth.

Watch our new issue of ‘Welcome to Belarus’ for the story of the Chinese students fighting mosquitoes, dancing in a round and trying Belarusian dishes (video above).

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