British investigative filmmaker lost in middle-of-nowhere swamp: Welcome To Belarus (Episode 2)

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Glenn Ellis, 55, is a documentary filmmaker from Oxford. At home Glenn is known for his films Hell in the Pacific, Delta Force and others. His documentary Europe’s Last Dictatorship (2016) featuring Belarus’ day-to-day political realities also tells a story of Belsat TV. Spending most of his life in conflict zones, the director investigates politicians’ and oil companies’ crimes against local population.

When Glenn has spare time, he gives it to bird-watching. He is even able to distinguish birds when hearing their twitter. Glenn has travelled 2,500 km to see the Terek sandpiper and other rare species of birds that nest in the Belarusian Palesse, but cannot be heard in the UK.

Together with Belarusian teacher Anatol, he heads to the Palesse-based Almany swamp which is 80 km long. It is well-preserved due to the fact that there was a military training ground where classified weapons were tested.

Our guest can boast of never-to-be-forgotten shopping at a village store as well as an exciting adventure at the bird ringing station. As a true British gentleman, Glenn presents a bouquet of peonies to a countrywoman. Want to know why? Watch Episode 2!

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