Argentinian in Chernobyl zone: all blooms here except us

The Argentinean Santiago Lutereau has been traveling for the past ten years. He is engaged in tourist photography and plans to create a video blog. In search of unusual content he arrived in Belarus. The main point of the trip of Santiago is the Belarusian exclusion zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, which has recently been opened for tourist visits. He’s already been on a tour in the Ukrainian city of Pripyat and wants to compare his impressions of the zone from the Belarusian side.

Hitchhiking, with adventures and unexpected meetings, he gets to Babruisk. Here he makes his first attempts to shoot a video for a blog. Looking for a statue of the city’s symbol, he tries to negotiate with passers-by, who direct him to the tank, to the stadium, and to the farther away.

Santiago in Babruisk

Eventually he finds the statue of Beaver and, satisfied with the pretty video, moves on. In the evening, the Argentinean goes to Khoyniki, where he gets acquainted with the legendary local freak Misha Sombrero, who stayed alone in a remote village and has his own theory of the universe.

Santiago in the exclusion zone

The next day, accompanied by Vyachaslau Zabrodski’s radiation-ecological reserve worker, Santiago explores the abandoned objects in the exclusion zone.

Santiago in the exclusion zone

Equipment problems and rainy weather make it difficult to work on blog material, but the atmosphere of abandonment and the power of nature is very impressive to Santiago.

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