An American runs 300 kilometers to his ancestral homeland

The ancestors of the American Jared Goldman emigrated from the Belarusian Palesse to the USA in 1910. The guy decided to visit the place where his ancestors came from. To do this, he flew to Minsk, from where he ran to his grandfathers’ homeland.

Jared Goldman

The place which the ancestors of the American runner left more than a hundred years ago is 300 kilometers away from the Belarusian capital. Jared is not afraid of it:

“It’s the first time I’ve come to Belarus to see my origins. My grandparents were born here, my great-grandfather too. I want to know more about my relatives and myself. So I decided to do something beyond my own abilities”.

The main companion of the American in Belarus is the Belarusian ultramarathon runner Yauhen Hutsalau, the so-called “Bearded Runner”.

“All the encounters in our lives are not accidental. My mission is to be a guide,” says the Belarusian.

Jared Goldman and Yauhen Hutsalau

Various people will be joining the athletes during the race.

“They add energy to us. It’s a good push,” the American guest said.

Runners’ support team

Who did the runners come to visit on the way? How much did they run? Who met them at the finish line? Find it all from the next issue of “Welcome to Belarus” (video above).

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