African polyglot blown away by Belarusian banya

Elie Mubenga, a citizen of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, came to Belarusian town of Navapolatsk to learn the Russian language. He is a true polyglot; he speaks seven languages and is passionate about Belarusian flowers.

Elie Mubenga

The guy dreamt of visiting Belarusian banya, but the Navapolatsk public bath house turned out to be closed… Having learned that Elie’s birthday was coming soon, our crew decided to spring a surprise on him. They covered 200 kilometres taking Elie to Vileyka Reservoir where MobiBa, a festival of mobile baths, was being held.

Elie and Belarusian banya experts

Does a mobile bath work in the woods? How did the guest from Africa feel in the steam room? Where did a professional bathhouse attendant hone his French? Find the answers in Episode 7 of the Belsat TV show Welcome To Belarus!

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