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On October 25, the Russian news agency published an article called “Belarus Leaving Russian World by Stealth After Ukrainian Experience”. The author calls our country “mad pseudostate” and the nation — “fictional”.

The anti-Belarusian propaganda pamphlet was signed by the pseudonym Ala Bron. Who is this Belarus hater? In my opinion, there are two candidates for this “honorable” title. Stylistics and ideological paradigm of these characters is very similar to what Ala writes. Let’s look at them in more detail.

Candidate #1

Belarusian. A supporter of Russian imperialism Yury Baranchyk.


Born in Minsk. Graduated from the BSU philisophy department. Taught philosophy at the Belarusian universities. Worked in the Belarus presidential administration. Since 2007 — the head of the “Empire” information analytical portal. A few years ago, he left for Russia. He regularly writes articles for

One of the last articles by Yury Baranchyk on

Candidate #2

Belarusian. Russian nationalist Kiryl Averyanau-Minski.


In 2015, he wrote several articles for and “Sputnik i Pogrom”. A few years ago he left for Russia. In 2015, in spite of the Belarusian citizenship, he had problems with entering the territory of Belarus through the appeal of the United Civil Party activist, who asked the KGB to check the “work” by Averyanau-Minski for “incitement to commit acts against the external security of the Republic of Belarus”.

Averyanau-Minski’s article on

Article by Averyanau-Minski at “Sputnik i Pogrom”

To be continued…

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