Zhukousky and Malysh cases sent back for revision

On April 6, Homiel journalists were subpoenaed to the Svetlahorsk district court, to another examination of the administrative protocol for “illegal production and distribution” of media products.

However, there was no trial. Freelancers who travelled 240 kilometers were informed that in their case the protocol had been sent for revision.

Angered by the behavior of Svetlahorsk officials, Kanstantsin Zhukousky filed a complaint with the court in the book of comments and suggestions, asking to transfer the review of the administrative case to Homiel.

On February 11, the TV channel Belsat broadcast a story “Natural Disaster in the Homiel Region” about mass fish death in the Sasnavabors reservoir in the Svetlahorsk district. The complaints of the local fishermen were heard by neither the organization responsible for the artificial pond nor the local officials. The police also conducted an investigation, but only about the source of the information that ended up online and on Belsat TV.

Since the start of the year, journalist Kanstantsin Zhukousky has been fined 45 million rubles for working “without accreditation”.


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