‘Zazhynki’ harvesting festival in Belarus

Together with the host, women of the Hatynichy village are going to the field to organize the traditional “Zazhynki” festival


Children from Hatynichy village of Hantsavichy district are collecting rye for sheaves


Hatynichy kids are throwing in the sky a girl wearing apron
Grandma from the national ethnographic folklore group “Hatovichy” leaves the sickle after “Zazhynki” to relax and taste the present from the host


Man from Hatynichi village of Hantsavichy district checks the ripeness and the quality of rye grains rubbing them in his hands, and then trying to break them with his teeth and taste them before “Zazhynki”


Grandma fromfrom Hatynichi village of Hantsevichy district teaching her granddaughter how to harvest during the harvesting rite.
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Vyachaslau Radzimich, belsat.eu

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