Young Front creates website in memory of Belarusian fighters killed in Ukraine

Young Front, a Belarusian youth organization, has set up a website to commemorate Belarusian fighters killed in Ukraine.

On the website ‘Heroes Do Not Die’ one can see photos of our compatriots who gave their lives during Kyiv’s Revolution of Dignity and the war in Donbas.

There are also stories of Ales Charkashyn, Mikhail Zhyzneuski and Vitaly Tselyazhenka. The latter was a native of Ukraine’s Zaporizhia, but taking into account his assistance to Belarusians, the authors classed him among our heroes.


According to the creators, no one sponsors the website, it does not promote any party or political interests.

The authors urge all indifferent people to help the project and send memories, photos and facts from their life of the Belarusian fighters in Ukraine to

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