Yet again: Belarusian KGB detains citizen of Ukraine


The Belarusian State Security Committee (KGB) has detained a citizen of Ukraine. It is the second time a Ukrainian has fallen into the hands of Belarusian siloviki this month.

Last week Oleksandr Skyba, Head of the Weighting Substances Plant situated in Konstantinivka (Donetsk region), arrived in Minsk to have talks on the deliveries with Minsk Tractor Plant, reports with reference to a letter by the acting chairman of the plant O. Kozmenko to the Ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus Ihor Kizim.

Skyba landed in Minsk at 16:15 on November, 15. He was reportedly going to fly back on the same day.

However, a day later Skyba called his wife and told her he had been detained by the Belarusian KGB.

“In an attempt to get more information about our colleague’s situation, I phoned the KGB department in Minsk on the number found on the Internet and asked them about the detention of our colleague. The person I was talking to introduced himself as a deputy operations duty officer and confirmed the fact of our employee’s being in custody,” the letter says.

At the same time, the KGB representative failed to give the reason for the arrest.

UA: Ukrainian Radio employee Pavlo Sharoiko was arrested in Minsk in late October. The police raided the apartment where Pavlo and his family were staying.

Ukrainian Ambassador in Belarus Ihor Kizim has confirmed that Sharoiko is accused of espionage.

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