Yakubovich on TV: Pursuit is a great symbol


Chief editor of the newspaper “SB – Belarus Today” Pavel Yakubovich publicly admitted a special stance to historical Belarusian symbol- “Pursuit”.

Кацярына Вандар'ева першая злева. Фота pressball.by
Katsyaryna Vandaryeva, first from the left. Photo pressball.by

The issue was raised by the BTRC Chairman Henadz Davydzka in the program “Editors’ CLub” on the channel “Belarus 1”. They discussed the statement of world champion in kickboxing Katsyaryna Vandaryeva — the athlete asked not to consider her an opposition member only because there was a picture of her in a t-shirt with “Pursuit” posted online.

“Even if nobody agrees with me, I will still give my opinion. I have great respect to the coat of arms called “Pursuit”. This is a very good historical symbol, it has a long history. Once my enemies during the occupation of our land by German troops used the beautiful, simple symbol “Pursuit” and the slogan “Long live Belarus!” to promote their interests. It does not mean anything. They’ve rotted in the ground, some of them were hanged, some fled abroad. So why is the great slogan “Long live Belarus!” now has to separate us?” said Yakubovich.

Henadz Davydzka supported Yakubovich: “If someone wearing a mask of Santa Claus robbed a bank, it does not mean that Santa Claus is a bad character.”

Davydzka even showed that he has a T-shirt with “Pursuit” in the form of the emblem of the Vitsebsk region. On the other side of the T-shirt, the chairman of BTRC had the official coat of arms of Belarus.

Belarusian football fans noted that the police officers did not let them into the stadium, when they see them wear the image of the “Pursuit”. Earlier, members of the “Editors’ Club” positively spoke of the “Young Front”.


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