‘World War Three’: British hoolifans set to get even with Russians at 2018 World Cup

English hooligan firms are banding together to ‘wipe the floor’ with Russian Ultras at the World Cup, the British tabloid Daily Star reports.

Accoding to an anonymous interviewee, a ‘tightly-knit group of firms had come together to give the Russians hell’. They are set to avenge themselves on Russians for the incident in Marseille.

“If people think this is one big joke and that we’re going to play a football game and have a drink and a fag and a chat – that’ll never happen,” the hooligan told Daily Star’s author Ben Youell.

There are even persons in their 50-ies or 60-ies who ‘cannot wait for the World Cup,’ he added. In his opinion, the This is going to be like World War Three, Four, Five, Six and Seven.

In 2016, there were clashes between Russian and English football fans in the city of Marseille. A mass brawl happened on the eve of the match with the participation of national teams of Russia and England during the European Championship which was held in France.

After the fight, in which tens of people suffered, the official group of Russian fans was deported from the country. Three Russian citizens were sentenced to prison.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup 2018 will take place in Russia ifrom 14 June to 15 July 2018.


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