Woman borrows $40K to give it to scammer

Romantic acquaintance on the Internet ended with large loans from banks and friends.

According to BelaPAN, a 50-year-old woman from Minsk met a foreigner in social networks. The man said that he lived in the UK, owned property and a large bank account. He also said that he often went on sea voyages, felt very lonely and was looking for a partner who would be waiting for him on the shore.

The relationships in the social network developed rapidly, and soon the man began to convince the woman that a few months after he would come back from another trip, they would get married.

Later the future “husband” asked her to pay for insurance of its assets in the repository. The woman decided to help him and transferred the money to his account. Later, the man said that he sent all the borrowed money to his savior.

After some time, the woman received a call from a girl, who said she was an employee of customs and said that she had received a parcel in her name with $45K – the parcel was arrested, and the woman had to pay a fine.

The victim again transfered the money. However, she never received the money from the loved one.

It turned out that it was a scam. In total, the woman lost more than $40K. She borrowed the money from friends and took a few bank loans.

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