Will Chinese military drones help Belarus in conflict with Russia?

The military aggression against Georgia and Ukraine will be followed by other similar manifestations of the Moscow’s new geo-strategy. Fearing this, the Belarusian authorities rely primarily on strategic cooperation with China, notes analyst Arseny Sivitsky.

“China is investing not only in the economy of Belarus, but also in the military capabilities of the country. For example, the rocket program would be impossible without technology from China. It is planned to develop other weapons systems, even the air defense system, armed drones,” said Sivitsky.

According to the expert, “China is ready to use a security vacuum in the region and to maintain our sovereignty and independence.”

Incidentally, there is an interesting fact: a law was passed in 2015, allowing to use Chinese army outside its territory.

As to who can help Belarus in the event of a hypothetical conflict with Moscow, we should remember the Budapest Memorandum and the security guarantees for our country and Ukraine, given by the West. More information is available in the full edition of the “Talk of the Day” program with Svyatlana Kalinkina and Arseny Sivitsky.

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