‘White Legion’ case inconsistencies emerge as KGB arrests continue

“There are have professional fighters among the detained “White Legion” activists,” State Security Committee told belta.by.

The KGB has opened a criminal investigation into the preparation and participation in mass riots (Part 3 of Article 293 of the Criminal Code).

“Activists of teh “White Legion”, headed by Miraslau Lazouski and those of the “Young Front” led by Dzmitry Dashkevich — 26 people overall– have been detained,” the government agency reported.

The story about the weapons found at Miraslau Lazouski’ place on March 23 was shown by the STV channel. According to the military correspondent of “Belsat” Anton Tsyalezhnikau, the video showed airsoft guns.

“As a person who, being a correspondent, has repeatedly been in the combat zone and many times seen military weapons, I can say with 100% accuracy that the weapon presented by the STV as an assault rifle is no more than a regular airsoft toy. You can clearly see a hole for plastic bullets. The only part of this it may appear the so-called flash cover, which in itself is not a weapon,” said Tsyalezhnikau.

According to Tsyalezhnikau, belta.by is also scaring people with airsoft guns. Photo below: airsoft AKSU.

The state agency reports that the KGB has information about foreign mercenaries who were to take part in the “protest activities”. They probably refer to the Freedom Day on March 25th.

On March 21st, law enforcement officers detained Ales Yaudakha. On the same day the police detained one of the former leaders of the “White Legion” Miraslau Lazouski. Bloodied Lazouki was brought home by masked men to carry out a search, the source told Belsat.eu. Now, he is probably in jail on Valadarski street.


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