What Lukashenka complains of at meeting with Putin

Source: kremlin.ru

Vladimir Putin’s press service released a transcript of the meeting of the leaders of Russia and Belarus in Sochi. This is an incomplete record and in fact, only a short fragment of the conversation.

Interestingly, the head of Belarus used one and the same word in every other sentence.

According to the transcript, the two leaders greeted each other, saying how they enjoyed the meeting. Looking through 11 sentences said by Alyaksandr Lukashenka, one can see the word problem (or a cognate one) in 8 of them.

Source: kremlin.ru

First, Lukashenka mentioned his own ‘presidential’ problems that fall upon him. Then he added that Putin also had a lot of them, but ‘at a higher level’.

A bit later, Lukashenka started complaining of certain problems in bilateral relations, some of which could not be solved for a long time. However, new problems ‘did not arise’, he stressed

In turn, Putin applied the word ‘problem’ only once, when talking about international issues.

МЛ, belsat.eu

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