Western Military District : Russia gives lesson of conducting hybrid war to Belarus officers

Command officers of Russia’s Western Military District (WMD) are learning special aspects of troop command and control in the context of netcentric and hybrid warfare, news agency Interfax reports.

“For the first time officers of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus are taking part in the operative and mobilisation meeting of managing staff of the WMD. Generals and officers of the Union State are to share their experience and participate in seminars and round tables on the topic of the meeting”, the WMD press service told Interfax.

The commanders of the WMD units, staff officers of Military District headquaters ‘will listen to a course on troop command and control in the context of global information and communication field’ under the supervision of teaching staff of the Military Academy of the General Staff, the statement says.

Over 130 generals, admirals and officers participate in the meeting.

According to the Western Military District press office, a netcentric war is a military doctrine (or the concept of warfare), first practised by the U.S. Defense Ministry. “Netcentric warfare is focused on improving force performances in modern wars and armed conflicts through obtaining information and communication superiority, integration of combatants into a single network”, the statement says.

Then, the WMD considers a hybrid war as ‘a military strategy that ‘combines conventional, low-level conventional and cyber wars’. In recent years, network-centric and hybrid war components have been actively used by belligerent parties during wars and conflicts in Iraq, Libya and Syria, they say.


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