‘Welcome to Belarus’. Foreigners in new Belsat TV entertainment show


Welcome у Беларусь, trailer

An elderly Belarusian woman teaches a Spaniard to milk a cow with the help of a sign language. An old peasant repeats the word ‘belissimo’ after a guest from Italy. Meet the foreigners who discover Belarus and Belarusians who get to know foreigners better – you will not regret it!

The new Belsat TV show Welcome у Беларусь (Welcome to Belarus) will premiere at 20:35 (Minsk time) on June, 10. Its authors are Belarusian documentary filmmakers Katsyaryna Markavets and Maxim Shved.

Foreigners who enter Belarus visa-free, come here to work or study, or stay for family reasons are invited to the show. They are expected to reveal what they like in our country and what annoys them. A lunch in s Soviet-styke canteen, specific bike rental rules or planting tomatoes in the backyard – the guests and their Belarusian fellows will definitely share their experience with Belsat TV viewers.

Each guest of the program does something that meets their interests.

“Together with Briton Glen Ellis we got to the birdbanding station in Turau. We were lucky to arrive there in late May, when birds usually nest. When ornithologists took us by boat to the island located on the territory of the reserve Turau Meadow, we just could not believe our eyes! Eggs and baby birds were at every turn under our his feet! We were walking as if we were bewitched trying not to do harm,” Katsyaryna Markavets said.

Frenchman Jean-Marie wanted to get to the roofs of multistoreyed buildings in Minsk.

“We will not go into detail as we do not want to spill the beans. We’ll just say that it was not an easy task both for us and for him! This episode will be a but anecdotal! Do not miss it!” she said.

In the first episode, US citizen Bob decided to go on a bicycle to Dudutki musiem which is 45 km off Minsk. The authors doubted he would be able to reach it. While Katsyaryna and Maxim were going to Dudutki by car, he was riding along a bicycle route. And they did not even manage to catch him up!. 45 kilometer. At the moment, Bob is in the United States; he hopes our colleagues will accompany him in his bicycle ride around Belarus next summer.

To which extent has Belarus become a European state since the collapse of the USSR? And how many vestiges of the Soviet past still remain in the tourism sector? With the help of the foreign guests of the show, we may see our country in a different light.


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