We Demand Justice: Protest rally in Moscow (photos)


Сегодня по крайней мере в 11 городах России проходят акции протеста "Общество требует справедливости" – против политических репрессий, фабрикации уголовных дел и за гуманизацию правоохранительной системы. "Белсат" ведёт прямой эфир из Москвы.Подробности здесь: https://belsat.eu/ru/news/spasibo-skazochnomu-strim-s-mitinga-protiv-repressij-v-moskve/

Opublikowany przez «Белсат» по-русски Niedziela, 23 czerwca 2019

On June 23, Belsat livestreamed the authorized rally ‘We Demand Justice’ in Moscow. According to observers, over 4,500 people showed up at the event.

The rally took place on Sakharov Avenue. At first, the protesters were about to support journalist Ivan Golunov whom the police planted drugs on. After his release, the focus shifted onto expressing solidarity with all persons who were undeservingly detained or convicted, e.g. defendants in the case of ‘Novoye Velichiye’ (New Greatness), the Khachaturyan sisters, Oleg Sentsov and other Ukrainians jailed in Russia and others.

Among the participants there were political and civic activists of political and public organizations, relatives of the convicts.

Although the Moscow authorities granted their permission to hold the rally, but the local police started to detain protesters when it was over, Masha Makarova, TV reporter in Moscow, stressed.

Moscow police detaining protesters. Phot. by Masha Makarove, belsat.eu

Только что задержали Артёма Лоскутова

Opublikowany przez Masha Makarova Niedziela, 23 czerwca 2019


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