Watchman vacancy claimed by 123 unemployed

With the decline in the number of vacancies, Minskers are willing to work odd jobs.

One watchman vacancy is now claimed by 123 unemployed, another vacancy of service support staff – by 30 people, of porter and janitor – by 10.

“People who have applied to the employment service, are mainly looking for a temporary job. Meanwhile, according to the Committee on Labour the employers in the Belarusian capital had a demand for 7,000 people. This is 19% less than it was at the beginning of 2016, and 35% below the needs of the beginning of 2015,” noted chairwoman of the committee on labor, employment, social protection of the Minsk City Executive Committee Zhanna Ramanovich.

Most often there are vacancies in health care organizations, social services, industrial plants and constructions.

There are now 7,500 unemployed people registered in Minsk, most of them are men. The number of unemployed at the age of over fifty has also increased.

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