Washington Post: CIA claims Russian intelligence behind ‘NotPetya’ virus

The CIA claims that Russian military hackers are behind the cyber attacks perpetrated against Ukraine in 2017 in an attempt to undermine the financial system of the country against the backdrop of war in Donbass.

According to The Washington Post, the June 2017 attack of the extortionist virus dubbed ‘NotPetya’ deleted data from computers of banks, energy companies, government officials and airports. Based on the classified report prepared by the CIA, the US intelligence believes it is highly probable that the ‘NotPetya’ virus was created by the Russian military intelligence (GRU).

On June 27th, the largest hack attack, spreading the virus and blocking the computer systems, struck Ukrainian banks, energy companies, government online resources and large enterprises around the world. Ukraine was the first victim of the attack. The virus also affected Russia and Belarus.

belsat.eu, UNIAN

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