Wake of MH17 case? Investigative journo beaten in Moscow

On November 27, Ruslan Leviev, an investigator at the Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT), was attacked by unknown individuals in Moscow.

Вступил в зелёное братство) Шёл утром по дворам домой, постепенно со мной поравнялся какой-то чувак, дальше провал…

Opublikowany przez Ruslana Leviev Środa, 27 listopada 2019

“In the morning, I was going home and some guy came up with me; then I had sort of blackout and the only thing I remember is how I was getting home covered in brilliant green; my head was splitting. In short, I was hit in the jaw. The marks I have on my forehead seem to have appeared as a result of falling down. There were no shouts, no takls, no questions [in the course of the attack],” Leviev said on Facebook.

According to him, his investigative and journalistic activity might have been at the bottom of the the incident.

As part of the Conflict Intelligence Team, Leviev is looking into the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in the summer of 2014. The Boeing carrying 283 passengers and 15 crew members crashed over separatist-controlled Donbas; everyone was killed. It is the CIT that found photos proving that the Buk missile launcher involved in the tragedy belonged to the Russian military.

5 years since downing MH17. Who is to blame?


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