Vyarhil Ushak, defendant in Tsikhanouski’s case, released from detention facility

Nadzeya Salodkaya, his fiancée, told Belsat about his release.

Vyarhil Ushak. Photo: VK.com

Vyarhil Ushak, one of the defendants in the “case of Tsikhanouski” has beenreleased from prison number 1, his fiancée told Belsat.

Nadzeya found out that Vyarhil would be released on 29, at about 4 pm.

“I was told by my lawyer that he’d been changed to the measure of restraint on his nonexit subscription.

Vyarhil he was released after the 2-month detention period.

Nadzeya Salodkaya. Photo: Iryna Arakhouskaya / Belsat.eu.

Now Vyarhil and Nadzeya will continue to carry packages, send letters to the detainees and support other political prisoners.

She said she supports Dzmitry Furmanau’s fiancée and mother, who are now on a hunger strike in pre-trial detention centre No. 1. She comes and talks to women, “because it’s very difficult for them now”.

Now she says that she is very happy.

“I’m so glad, but I’m waiting for it to be over. For everyone!” NAdzeya hopes.

Vyarhil Ushak was a cameraman at Syarhei Tsikhanousky’s picket in Hrodna on May 29. He was filming the scuffle the policemen on camera. He went on a hunger strike behind bars. According to his fiancée Nadzeya, participation in the picket was his first civic activity in life.

He became the fourth person in the “case of Tsikhanousky,” who was released.