Vox populi: Which country should Belarus be in alliance with? (ENG video)


The Kremlin that has never ignored Belarus wants to know what Belarusians think about Russia and an ever closer union with it.

A Russian sociological centre contracted their Belarusian counterparts to conduct several opinion surveys, a casual respondent who asked not to be named told Belsat TV in the course of a man-on-the-street interview in Minsk.

Standards of living change; so does the public mood in Belarus, and Russian specialists monitor them regularly. It should be noted that Russia ordered similar polls in Ukraine in the run-up to the annexation of Crimea.

“A few years prior to Russia’s hybrid aggression they collected statistical information. Such centres also worked in Ukraine, and then Russians used the information to undermine the situation directly in the east of Ukraine,” investigative journalist Dzyanis Ivashyn said.

Belsat TV asked passers-by which union or country they want Belarus to be in the league with. The answers are in the video above.


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