Vitsebsk: Russian nationalist to stand trial for inciting hatred

A 28-year-old resident of the Belarusian town of Vitsebsk may face up to five years in prison for posting a controversial video on Vkontakte social network.

The Vitebsk regional court will be considering the criminal case of Pyotr T. on September, 3. He is accused of deliberate actions aimed at inciting racial, national, religious or other social hatred (Article 130 of the Belarusian Criminal Code).

The reason for initiating the case was the videos that Pyotr T. Posted on VKontakte in the period of 2015 – 2018.

Апісанне адной з суполак, да якой меў дачыненне абвінавачаны

By the moment, his profile has been deleted, as well as the videos mentioned above. However, one can find the questionable materials in social network archives. Among other things, the man was interested in Satanism and wore a shirt with the inscription I Am Russian.

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