Vitsebsk resident convicted of inciting ethnic hatred

A Vitsebsk resident Pyotr Trublinski has been sentenced to two years in prison with a delay of one year for posting “extremist content” videos in VK. In addition, he is to pay the criminal-business compensation of 1,225 BYN.

The criminal case was launched due to the videotapes, which 28-year-old Trublinski published on his page in VK. In particular, he created communities such as “Alcoholics of Vitsebsk”, “Satanists and Goths of Vitsebsk”, “Horror Films”, “Norwegian Black Metal”. He left comments, in which he noted that he regretted that there was no Hitler, who supposedly would have put order in Europe, published historical video of Hitler’s speeches.

The criminal case against Trublinski was first heard in September in the Vitsebsk regional court. The hearing was closed. The judge upheld the prosecutor’s appeal “to prevent the dissemination of materials of extremist content by third parties.”

The decision of the court from September 13 has not yet entered into force and can be appealed within 10 days in the Supreme Court through the Vitsebsk Regional Court.

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