Vilnius may impose ‘pillow tax’

The money from the visitors of Lithuanian capital will be spent on the development of tourism.

According to the new project, “the pillow tax” will be 1 euro per night.

“We can collect the money, paid by the city visitors and use it for the development of the city’s infrastructure, encourage the flights and attract new tourists. Now it is done from the budget money, but the budget means can be used more efficiently,” said to Žinių Radijas, vice-mayor of Vilnius Gintautas Palutskas.

Meanwhile, the head of the National Tourism Business Association Zydre Gavyalene believes that Vilnius needs investment for the development of marketing abroad.

“We now see that Vilnius is losing in the competition for tourists to Riga and Tallinn. Tourists are glad to spend money in the capitals of Latvia and Estonia. If it is possible to introduce this tax on July 1, and to use it for marketing abroad, I think it would be a good investment.”

Tourist taxes exist in other European countries: for example, in Italy. Guests pay for stay in Rome hotels from 2 to 7 euros depending on the level of comfort.,

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