Villagers complain of bad drinking water. Authorities have dubious solution


After the persistent demands of the Homel region villagers, the authorities agreed to liquidate the dump that poisoned the water in the wells. But the way to “solve” the problem looks more than doubtful.

Temporary landfill near the village “Stsyah Pratsy” appeared in 2003. It was supposed to become the garbage dump for the settlement, but soon the waste from the agricultural enterprise “Teplichnoye” was also left there.

Over time, the water in the wells became unsuitable for drinking because of the excessive concentration of nitrates. After a number of complaints, local authorities informed residents about the decision to liquidate the dump. However, instead of taking out the garbage to another landfill, they brought heavy machines to the dump and began to coverl the waste with earth. Thus, the hazardous waste will remain in place and will further pollute the water.

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