Victims of former KGB agent tell their stories

The recent confessions of a former KGB agent produced a violent reaction on the part of his victims. New shocking facts of defamation, slander and provocation by the special services are arising. The KGB is silent and would not comment.

More than two years ago, an independent journalist from Homiel Larysa Shchyrakova was the victim of defamation from the infamous The information that was published there almost broke the woman’s life. It all started with the KGB search.

“During the search they seized my computer, where they found intimate photos. Six months later, they appeared online at an intimate dating site. Subsequently, the published an article about the photos,” said Shchyrakova.

There are other stories, also from Homiel. In 2011, activist Ksenia Yaraslautsava took an active part in the organization of the silent protest. For doing this the woman was threatened withauthorities taking her child. Today we know that the KGB was planning a provocation against her. There were plans to plant drugs on Kseniya.

All these stories lead to one person — or rather, his testimony made a few days ago to “Belsat”. Syarhei Vasilieu from Homiel, who had fled to Poland, admitted to long-term cooperation with the Homiel KGB. Today it is known for sure that he was the administrator of the defamatory site, he also knew about the planned provocation with the use of drugs.

“My work can be divided into two stages: before and after the website. In the second stage, my work was mostly connected with the opposition. They wanted the website to operate and me to communicate with the opposition,” former KGB agent Vasilieu told Belsat.

His nickname was Simon, you can learn about his work not only from him. Persons whom Vasilieu was watching argue that it was easy for him to get in touch with activists from Homiel, he frequented places where representatives of the democratic community of Homiel often met.

There is another person who feels harmed by Vasileu’s activities. Activist Leanid Sudalenka claims that it was probably Simon the agent who was behind the incident, which nearly put the activist in prison. In 2015, his email account was hacked. Subsequently, the unknown individuals began sending pornographic materials to public institutions.

“I want to know the whereabouts of this person, I want to meet him. I asked the Polish authorities for his contact information,” says human rights activist Leanid Sudalenka.

It is still unknown how many of such people may have been affected in the whole of Belarus.

So far the KGB has not recognized their former agent. Belarusians are asking how many of these Simons have been assigned to watch over them.

Ian Babitsky, “Belsat”

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