Victims nearly forgotten, torturers praised: Blood red centenary in Belarus

Belarusian authorities have organized the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution on the country level. However, they still turn a blind eye on countless victims of Communists.

To honor the memory of the executed, Belarusian activists gave a tour around Kurapaty, a mass grave of the victims of Stalinist repression.

“In my opinion, November 7 is not a holiday. It is a shame. It is a tragedy for my people,” one of the participants said.

In the 30s, there was a dense pine forest in Kurapaty on the outskirts of Minsk. It became the biggest firing ground in the country. According to independent historians, up to 250,000 persons might have been buried here.

However, more than 1,000 persons took part in yesterday’s centennial feast under the banner of those who tortured and murdered. And only 20 people showed at the remembrance event in Kurapaty.

Belarus is the only post-Soviet country where November, 7 is a public holiday. At the same time, there is no official day of honouring the memory of victims of Stalinist and Bolshevik executioners.

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