Victim of Minsk terrorist attack: Investigation and trial were falsified


On the occasion of the Minsk metro terrorist attack anniversary, Belsat spoke with one of the victims Savel Sakiyan.

– Just one day after the explosion the police found the organizers of the terrorist attack. Did you think Zmitser Kanavalau and Uladzislau Kavaliou are the perpetrators of the terrorist attack?

– I said it five years ago, and I am saying it now: there was no access to the file. In fact, it was concealed. I believe that the investigation and the trial were in fact fraudulent. There are actual grounds for these assertions. I am ready to claim before every true court that the investigation was not carried out in full. The court ignored some evidence that shed light on the crime. I now have the proof, copies of the case materials, which shed light on the crime. And I am ready to present them.

– What kind of materials?

– It is the testimony of the accused. We also have investigation protocols. Some of them were given to us by Syarhei Satsuk (editor in chief of “” – He also gave us the footage from surveillance cameras, which show how the alleged offender and those who coordinated his actions were moving around. There were two persons. And they are not the people that we were shown on television or the Internet.

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