Vasil Parfyankou to remain under house arrest


The Kyiv based Shevchenko court ruled that the former Belarusian political prisoner Vasil Parfyankou, who was arrested after the riots against Russian banks in Kyiv will remain under house arrest.

On February 24, the court chose the pre-trial restriction for the Belarusian ex-political prisoner Vasil Parfyankou accused of hooliganism in the Russian banks in Kyiv. Of all the possible preventive measures, judge chose house arrest for Parfyankou, although he could have been left in the pre-trial detention center, released on bail or money bail.

The meeting was conducted in the Ukrainian language, and Vasil Parfyankou had it translated into Russian. Mikola Kakhanivski, commander of the Volunteer Army Corps, of which Parfyankou was a member, personally vouched for Vasil, noting that the Belarusian had had a severe shrapnel wound in the area of ​​anti-terrorist operation.

The request to release Vasil on personal bail came also from four deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine – Lozovoi, Minko, Masiychuk and Lutsenko.

The prosecutor insisted on the arrest in connection with the existing risks, because Parfyankou was not employed and could travel to Belarus, where he came from.

Part 2 of Article 296 of the Criminal Code (hooliganism), according to which the Belarusian ex-political prisoner is accused, includes 4 years of imprisonment. The defense lawyer insisted that the crime was not a grave one.

Parfyankou remarked during the trial that he would not run away to Belarus, because there he would be facing 17 years in prison.

On February 20, volunteers from the group “Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists”, raided the office of pro-Russian oligarch, Rinat Akhmetov, crashed the office of the Russian “Alfa-Bank” and smashed windows in the office of the “Sberbank of Russia”. Video of the incident hit the Internet.

Among the riot participants was seen former Belarusian political prisoner Vasil Parfyankou, who recently received Ukrainian citizenship. After the arrest of Parfyankou, the commander of the Volunteer Army Corps Kokhanivski noted that the Belarusian committed no robbery, but acted on his orders.

Maksim Yarashevich,

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