Valery Tsapkala: Our task is to remove this administration

The former Chairman of the HTP calls for the establishment of a Committee of People’s Unity, which should include former politicians, scientists and cultural figures, athletes.

Valery Tsapkala said in his appeal that the non-registration of him, as well as Viktar Babaryka, was quite expected.

“Thus, the authorities have made three high-rating candidates with a total of 90% support in one step. It is clear that Lukashenka did it. His 3% rating does not allow his knowledge and experience lost after 26 years to defeat us in a fair competition”.

Tsapkala noted that the Supreme Court decision was not unexpected for his team. It’s obvious to him that in Belarus, all the branches of power belong to one person, who does everything possible to stay in power. Even though the people do not want to see him.

Committee of People’s Unity

Through the unification of the three election teams, Tsapkala wants to show that even a housewife, a person without political experience, in current historical conditions is able to defeat Lukashenka.

“I am convinced that a popular consensus has been created — we do not want to see a capricious ruler. We want to see Belarus a different country, free and democratic, where people are not afraid to express their views. Where people will walk peacefully and without fear in the streets, standing in lines, will be able to earn a decent living”.

Valery Tsapkala is creating a Committee of People’s Unity as an opposition to the single-handed authority in the country. Who will be invited there?

  • politicians who were thrown out of the political arena
  • cultural, scientific and artistic figures who care about the fate and history of Belarus
  • athletes who are together with the people”

Authority without reference points and values turns into miserable, vile, disgusting power. Our task is to remove it. To remove those who see the Belarusian people as a source of well-being, so that they and their family could have a way of life. I think we should end it. It’s time for a change. Let us use this unique opportunity to make our Belarus a free, democratic, civilized country,” the politician says.

On July 14, the CEC did not register Valery Tsapkala as a candidate for presidency. Later his election team united with the teams of Viktar Babaryka and Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya to win together.