US Treasury to uncover beneficiaries of Putin's wealth

The European Union extended sanctions against Russian citizens involved in the occupation of Crimea and the war in Donbass for six months. Thus, the black list now has 155 individuals and 44 companies. Among the restrictions is the prohibition of entry into the European Union and the freezing of bank accounts.

Konstantin von Eggert, Russian political scientist:

“The impact is, perhaps, not so obvious, but given the expansionist nature of the Kremlin’s foreign policy, the wars in Syria, Ukraine, the ongoing large-scale exercises, such sanctions affect the economy, they affect the political elite, the top of the country.”

In the meantime, the Russian issue is also being dealt with overseas. Recently, Donald Trump signed a law that would impose sanctions on countries that interfere in the American elections.

Former officials of the US Treasury Department recommended that the senators take more active steps regarding Russia.

Vytaut Siuchyk,

Photo: REUTERS / Kevin Lamarque / FORUM