US may strike Syria within next 72 hours


The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has warned airlines about new flight rules over the eastern Mediterranean region.

In connection with the “possible launch of missiles in the direction of Syria” during the “next 72 hours”, flights should be planned taking into account operational information, the report says. The air corridors of flights in the region need to be further reviewed in order to avoid the threat for civil aviation.

On April 7, air bombs with chemical weapons, which killed at least 70 Syrians in the area beyond the control of the Asad troops, led to an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council. Western countries have little doubt that the troops of Assad, Russia, and Iran are responsible for the chemical attack in the Syrian city of Duma, the last stronghold of the Syrian opposition in the province of East Guta.

The US has condemned the chemical attack and said that, given the continued support of the Assad regime, Russia must also be held accountable. Trump threatened to retaliate the possible chemical attack, even though the Russian military denied the use of chemical weapons.

On April 10, CNN Turk reported that the American destroyer Donald Cook (DDG-75), equipped with Tomahawk cruise missiles and the Aegis missile defense system approached the Syrian city of Tartus, where the Russian navy logistics base is located. It is now about 100 km away from the city.

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