Urban scooters painted in Belarusian national colors appear in Minsk


Kakhanau and his scooters

Currently, the ‘Yamoto Samokato’ scooters are in the testing mode. Four white-red-white scooters were seen on the streets of the capital.

Project manager Heorhiy Kakhanouski decided to start the sharing service for scooters, because he loves them and says that this activity brings positive emotions.

Yamoto Samokato scooters

“First of all, it’s fun. Secondly, it is environmentally friendly. We hav been already testing it for two weeks. It is still difficult to talk about the results. But even if they are not great, I will continue to look for a working business model. ”

Now scooters have been placed in front of the business center “Academy”.

Dog on scooter

The ‘Yamoto Samokato’ logo shows a rabbit in the white-red-white stylized embroidery.

“The US an hour trip costs one US dollar, and we have an allusion to the old currency that showed bunnies. So we have a rabbit in embroidery, but we slightly adjusted the characters, they are more rounded.”

For now the startup has no competitors. These are the only scooters that can be used for sharing scheme — the economic model is based on the collective use of goods and services.

The entrepreneur hopes that the residents of the capital will like the idea and there will be a lot more one-legged vehicles in Minsk.


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