Uranium found in trash container in Minsk

On March 14, workers of the Housing and Operations Department found a plastic bucket with banks marked with a radiation hazard sign on a container site in Minsk.

The emergency units staff who arrived at the scene recorded an excess of background radiation at a distance of one meter from the bucket: it exceeded the norm four times.

Emergency employees took with them five tanks with radioactive substances with a total weight of 5 kg: uranyl chloride, uranyl nitrate, uranyl sulfuric acid, and uranium tri-acid.

Radioactive substances were sent to the Joint Institute for Energy and Nuclear Research “Sosny”, the Ministry of Emergency Situations reports.

Later, it was discovered that the substances belonged to a woman

The police found that these radioactive substances belonged to a Minsk woman born in 1939, who died in 2016. She worked at the chemical faculty of one of Minsk universities. On the eve, the granddaughter of the deceased cleaned the apartment where the grandmother had previously lived, and brought containers with a substance of unknown origin to the trash site.

Photo – minsk.mchs.gov.by


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